Welcome to my portfolio. This is where I store my past works and where I keep track of my life as a learner and a communicator.

You’ll find my articles, reportages and travel journalism and also my new interests, multimedia publishing, digital storytelling and information architecture applied to cultural information and art.

Everyone is able to publish online. You can post your photos on facebook, you can raise discussions on twitter, write a blog, upload a video on youtube. However, informative publishing is different. Take some interesting knowledge, analyze it, find the story in it and tell it in an attractive and informative way is much better. And the new media technologies let us do all this in fabulous ways.

This can be applied to any topic and any content strategy, but it works perfectly with museums, galleries, archives and even books or ebooks. A lot of museums already operate in this field, and they call it Digital Exhibition or Virtual Exhibition. Why don’t we try and go further?

If you want to see the digital exhibition that I created for the APICE archive of the University of Milan, titled “John Alcorn Graphic and Illustrator“, click here and enjoy.